Heritage Livestock Canada

Multispecies – Just for Fun Photo Show 2021


  • One week to post your pictures with the breed and owners first name so we can say congratulations!


  • Species included are listed on our website with special allowances made for the American Cream Draft Horses to be included on our list.


  • https://heritagelivestock.net/breed-conservation-list


  • Equine Division is split between Draft or heavy horses, Light Horses, Ponies and Donkeys judged on their own pictures.


  •  Draft Horses: Belgians, Clydesdales, Fjord Horses, Irish Draught, Percherons, Shires and Suffolk Punch Horses.


  • Multiple entries per person are allowed.


  • Judging is completed by the members of the HLV Virtual Show Group and the top three pics by species will get an extra post after the week of closing to be completed by the HLC Admin Team.


  • Youth entries under 16 should be marked as such on the posts and will be judged by our members in a league of their own not against the adults.



Best Selfie Photo – week of January 11th closing Sunday Jan 17th at midnight.

Best of 2020 Photos – Week of January 18th

Best Stable Photo – Week of January 25th

Festive Photo

Black and White Photos

Best Action Shot

Favorite Photo Contest

Mare and Foal Pictures

Best Riding Pictures

Driving Photo

Lead Line Pictures

Best Costume Photos

Silly Photos

Horse and Carriage Shots

Working Equine or Multispecies Pictures

In Hand Show Equine