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Motherwell Historic Site SK Reg.Milking Shorthorn cow called Inya


Kerry Cattle

Kerry cows are one of the most rare cattle breeds in Canada. In their native Ireland, Kerry have enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence over the past few years. However, they are still considered to be internationally rare.

Kerry are suited to homestead type farming and ideally can be used in a small scale dairy (if only more provinces would allow such dairies!). They are one of the oldest dairy breeds and intended to be used as such.

If you ever fancy a trip (well a long trip to Ireland!) for some ice cream made purely using Kerry milk products: murphysicecream.ie/index/html

The basics of the breed: thecattlesite.com/breeds/dairy/34/kerry

The Kerry Cattle Co-operative: facebook.com/groups/8997040052189

Kerry bull born in October 2017.

Kerry Yearling Bull