Harnessed To Our Hearts
The Sequel to Horses, Harness and Homesteads 
350 pages, 650 photos. 
$39.95 + GST (and shipping if applicable) 

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Projected shipping date is the week of December 11. 

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  If there's a retailer near you, I can put your name on a list, and include your copy when I send books to that store. 
  If that isn't an option, I'm more than happy to mail you a copy. 

  Promotion on both books: 
  If you order my first book at the same time as the new one, it will cost you only $10 for the copy of Horses, Harness and Homesteads. 
  This promotion will not be applicable through retailers.  I will mail both copies to you, and postage will apply. 

  If you happen to have friends or family that might be interested in the book, I would sure appreciate it if you could let them know please. 

  Thank you very much for your time. 

  Merlin Ford 

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