1. To be a centre for the conservation and study of minor breeds of farm livestock;
2. To educate the general public about the importance of minor heritage breeds of farm livestock;
3. To promote generally among the public the need for conservation and study of minor heritage breeds of farm livestock;
4. To encourage the breeding, raising and dealing in minor heritage breeds of farm livestock.
"Heritage" is defined as breeds that are used in Canada for at least 50 years and must be historically relevant in Canada's agricultural history.
Heritage Livestock Canada is a non-profit registered charitable organization.



Our membership extends across Canada and internationally, working with sister-organizations in Great Britain, the USA, New Zealand & Australia and specialized individuals in France and Holland. If you would like more information please contact the office.
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HLC receives no outside support; only memberships and donations sustain us.
Your membership and donations will help HLC preserve the genetic diversity of farm animals that have important historical and agricultural significance. Become a supporter of Heritage Livestock Canada–your support will make a difference.









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