The Livestock Conservancy Conference

RBC's 'Kerry' friend Jody Jess from Westminster, Massachusetts took this photo yesterday during the 'Import/Export' presentation at The Livestock Conservancy Conference, (TLC) held at Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass. Despite the absence of an audience in this photo, the presentation was well attended. 

The Livestock Conservancy at Hampshire College Farm and CSA. 

 Amherst, MA, United States · 

The 2016 Livestock Conservancy National Conference -  Attendees enjoyed learning about raising Dutch Belted cattle at one of this morning's clinics. #HeritageBreeds2016 

If you weren't able to make it, check out this link to learn about Dutch Belted cattle:…/he…/internal/dutch-belted


L to R: 
Jeannette Beranger,TLC, introduces the panel. 
Brian Larson, Michigan. Lincoln Longwool Master Breeder. 
Julie Gauthier, USDA. Epidemiology. 
Dr.Phil Purdy, USDA. Cryogenics. 
Tom Beeston, Rare Breeds Survival Trust.CEO 
Elwood Quinn, RBC.Livestock Chair.

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