Two years ago Jim Saville of SW SK.bought Brian & Katie Payne's herd of Kerry's that were featured in the Summer 2014 Genesis....thank you Jim for taking that major step to save these valuable genetics....and thank you Brian & Katie for maintaining such a nice herd of Kerry's for such a long time. 
Jim went on to sell the herd to a neighbour, Dwayne Pole who continued good husbandry on his ranch. 
Dwayne called us a few weeks ago looking to find a home for these two purebred heifers. The adult cows were bred to his Angus herd bull for 2016 calving. 

Fast-Forward 10 days ago: 
Amber Rowse of Alderbrook Grange Farm, Sooke, Vancouver Island, contacted both Andy Sproston, RBC Director through the RBC FB page & also Jody Jess, our very good Kerry friend in Mass.US about the possibility of buying some Kerry's. 
Jody suggested she first join RBC. Amber contacted us while we on our way to the Motherwell Homestead Heritage Site, SK. where we took a RBC display last Saturday. She joined & paid for her membership by E-Transfer that same day and agreed to buy these two yearlings with Elwood's help....all in 48 hours! 
They leave SK.and are bound for BC tomorrow. 

Thought you'd all enjoy seeing the photo's Dwayne just forwarded via Amber....he's done a pretty impressive job we think you will agree. 
Hoping the next phase goes this well. 
Thanks Dwayne & Amber....keep us posted please. 
Elwood will be talking to you soon re: Kerry semen. 
RBC Office.


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