Ancaster Fair

Animals generously provided by RBC Director Andy Sproston.

Romney lambs, Hampshire/Large Black piglets, Royal Palm Turkey's and Chantecler Rooster & Hen.



How about this for a Happy Canada Day pressie found this morning Its a purebred Galloway calf just hours old at Our Gate To Your Plate


Rare Breeds Canada AGM and Farm Open Day in conjunction with Our Gate To Your Plate was a fantastic day out for the public which over 300 turned out on a beautiful Summers day. Here are a few photos and more will follow with a full report of activities.



2014 Annual Suffolk Punch Horse Association Annual Meeting 


EOC-Heritage Chicken Workshop, May 31, held at Denise’s Chicken Paradise, Hammond, ON.
Guest presenter Etienne Laliberte provided an overview of how to Judge as close to the official breed description as possible and also assessed many birds provided by the attendees.
Etienne did a marvelous job of presenting in both official languages, as the workshop was filmed for a French presentation on Channel 5. Etienne was thanked for spending the entire afternoon with us and also Jeannine Langlois for organizing this most interesting event.

Eagle Ridge Suffolks


Credit goes to Deena Meadors / Eagle Ridge Suffolks - www.eagleridgesuffolk.com.


Credit goes to Deena Meadors / Eagle Ridge Suffolks


Credit goes to Deena Meadors / Eagle Ridge Suffolks - www.eagleridgesuffolk.com.


Credit goes to Deena Meadors / Eagle Ridge Suffolks


Credit goes to Deena Meadors / Eagle Ridge Suffolks


Credit goes to Deena Meadors / Eagle Ridge Suffolks


Grand Crop of Lambs!


First drive of the spring. The best Canadian pair ever: well-behaved, well-matched.All bathed and clipped. A pretty sight for sure. A joy to drive (and ride).Look out back roads of Clarington, here we come!! photo by Frances Tufts


Zeny's twin boys born May 14th. by member Edith Caviezel


Zeny - proud Mom! by member Edith Caviezel


A Robin's nest on my window sill - great development. Three baby Robins - by member Edith Caviezel


The Rare Breeds Canada Large Black Pig Conservation is up, up and away! 

 Jet, a Large Black Boar, Tattoo # B697 is donated as part of an effort to re establish the very small population of quality animals of this breed left in Canada today

Jet, son of Bob, on his way to Manitoba flying from Montreal on WestJet flight 697

Andy Sproston noted  one day he will grow up to be just like his Dad - Big Bad Bob from www.ourgatetoyourplate.com

Reuben Nesom helping adjust Jet's' crate in their Freestar....... sorry the Habs lost their game but it's early days yet.


Jet nestled in for the ride


Jet getting the thumbs up from Reuben. His Ear Tag # is 697 which matched his flight number


Steve (standing) gives 'Jet',Reuben & Dawn his best wishes from the folks at WestJet Cargo, Winnipeg


Jet's first day in his new home at the Nesom's Farm - www.townsendfarm.ca


Baby Bob (JET) photo's


Jet's Dad - Big Bad Bob


'Jet's Pig crate in Montreal taking the Habs logo to Winnipeg, home of the 'Jets'


WFS guys Bruce & Tony weigh-in with Richard, Elwood & Jet before loading


Help from the Ground Crew in Montreal


When pigs fly. A Large Black pig is just loading West Jet flight no 697 2:00 pm departure for Winnipeg. Tatto B697. Part of an effort to re establish the very small population of quality animals of this breed left in Canada today.


Baby Bob (JET) photo's



Baby Bob (JET) photo's



Prairie Heritage Farm's photo. April 19 Name that breed? Sadly, we still haven't settled on a name for this big guy ... any suggestions?


Prairie Heritage Farm's photo. After much deliberation, the family has settled on a name for this big, wooly, Babydoll Southdown ram - Thank you to all who submitted suggestions.

Introducing Ram-Beau... pictured here, hanging out with his buddy, Smudge.


Exmoor pony wins world championship in agility

The eight year old Exmoor pony stallion is owned and handled by Dawn Westcott, of the Holtball Exmoor Pony Stud from Exmoor National Park in Britain.

Competitors from around the world compete directly against each other in the International Horse Agility Club Worldwide OHLA League, through set courses by video entry. They are judged by Horse Agility Club founder Vanessa Bee, author of the Horse Agility Handbook and DVD.

Combinations accumulate league points throughout the year which determines the end of year winners.

This year, Westcott and Bear finished in November with 774 points to take the World Championship with a 102 point lead. They competed in 21 classes – 11 on the line, 7 at Liberty (where the horse is loose) and 3 at Wild Agility.

Reserve world champions, Beth Smith and Desi from Canada, achieved 672 points, and in third place with 448 points were Sue Engle and Sherbert from the USA.

There is growing enthusiasm in the sport of Horse Agility with a strong international league of competitors producing large starter classes. There is also a Real-Time Competition League, where competitors compete in local competitions, with local trainers and judges, and their accumulated points determine an International League winner at the end of the year.

This year, the Champions with 257 points were Susan Randall and Adios of British Columbia, Canada, and Reserve Champions were Ted Garrott and Murphy from Worcestershire with 177 points.

“I’ve enjoyed the challenge of competing in the same classes as our counterparts from Canada, USA, Australia and the rest of the world,” Westcott said.

“The standard is high and it’s good that we are all completing exactly the same course format, with the same judging panel assessing us. It’s been fascinating to see everyone improving this year – we learn from each other and there is great camaraderie amongst the international competitors,” she said.

“The Horse Agility Forum on Equine Tourism and the Horse Agility Club website have helped us to stay connected and produce some interesting discussions. This year, Bear has improved his ability to work at Liberty, particularly in Wild Agility where he navigates natural obstacles in wide open spaces and seems to really enjoy it.”

Westcott and Bear have competed in the sport for two years, and now have two world championships under their belt. Westcott says they will now move on to other competition.

“Horse Agility is all about improving horsemanship and trying to promote interest in a new sport. Now it’s time for us to move on from actively competing ourselves and this year, I’d like to explore the ‘connection’ we’re developing with Liberty work – particularly out in open, wilder spaces. We also need to concentrate on Bear’s ridden development and I’m working with groups of ponies together and seeing where that takes us. I see local horse people like Emma Massingale working with a herd at liberty, in the style of the Pignon’s, and I’m inspired by that,” she said.

“I very much hope that, through the Bear’s achievements in Horse Agility, we’re helping to raise the profile of the Exmoor pony breed, the closest relatives to the North West European Prehistoric horse, and their immense intelligence and trainability. We hope to progress that work through activities including pony agility in our new Exmoor Pony Club.

“The ‘equine internet competition’ has well and truly arrived and gives ordinary horse owners the opportunity to connect and compete in an international arena. We will be harnessing these opportunities for Exmoor ponies and launching an internet video showing competition in 2013, as well as running demos and workshops in agility, horse behaviour and positive, trust-based horsemanship on Exmoor,” Westcott said.

“With their ancient wisdom, Exmoor ponies can teach us a lot about horsemanship which can benefit horse and pony owners across all spheres.”


More information: www.exmoorponyclub.co.uk


Read more: http://horsetalk.co.nz/2013/01/05/horse-agility-champ-wins-second-world-title/#ixzz30gaet44D 

he Royal Highnesses meet Sheep Farmers in Nova Scotia as the Prince's Charities Canada launches Campaign for Wool.
Check story at:



Breaking News! "White Park twins born mid-February 2014 in the UK. The mother of the twins graced RBC's 2013 Genesis front cover. Congratulations to Virginia & David Johnson of the Chartley Estate, Staffordshire, UK.


Member Response to receiving new look Genesis:

Good Afternoon:
I was at first confused as to why I received a copy of Genesis, mainly because I used to raise Horned Dorset sheep, but had never subscribed to the magazine.  However was delighted when I read that you are doing a collaboration with the draft horse connection.

We are moving back down to the farm next month. I am planning on getting back into the sheep business, and I'm toying with the idea of getting a few Shropshire sheep, as that is what my grandparents raised on the farm many years ago.  We have Percheron horses now, that I try to use whenever I can around the farm, time being the major factor, and I'm going to get a couple dozen Barred Rock hens for eggs (and to teach my son some responsibility).

I thoroughly enjoyed the articles that were in the copy of Genesis that I received.

Thank you and have a good day,

Murray, Ontario. March 12th, 2014


Royal Manitoba Winter Fair - March 31 to April 5, 2014

Brandon, Manitoba

125,000 visitors over 6 straight days.


Richard Heath helping to hang our hand painted murals (by Martin Penfold, Mary Lowe and Pam Heath) and Canadian Flag.


Chantecler Rooster at RBC display pecking at the Brandon Sun Photographers' lense in 2013.

Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is held each year during the Manitoba Spring Break, the Fair has much to offer for families within the 12 acres of the Keystone Centre. 

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is one of Western Canada’s largest agricultural events and the largest event held in Brandon, Manitoba. It is one of only two fairs in Canada to receive Royal patronage from Queen Elizabeth II (in 1970).
At the Royal you can expect to see world class show jumping and heavy horse competitions, livestock sales and displays, a quality hands-on agricultural awareness program including Thru the Farm Gate, exceptional live entertainers, over 300 commercial and agricultural exhibits and much more.


Cooper the Clydesdale getting a bath at the 'warm water' wash racks at the Keystone Centre


Cooper looking spiffy


KayDee Pass riding Cooper beside Equine Mural


Bliss and Ivy Voth 'touch' a horse for the first time in their lives with the kind help of Kassidy Hamill and Cricket, a very special Welsh Pony

Cricket, Welsh Section B gelding owned by the Hamill family, Wawanesa, MB


Cricket helping Pam give the demo at The Learning Stage, a daily 30 minute educational slot


Colby, Jenny, Carter & Kassidy with Cricket the Welsh Section B Pony.


Teegan an avid young reader, enjoying Clifford Flynn's 'The Newfoundland Pony' book.... It's on RBC's website.


Teegan writing down the 7 foundation breeds of the Newfoundland pony.


Teegan, Grade 2, checking the spelling.


Rusty and Adeline of the Big Ears Donkey Ranch, Baldur, MB., owned by Ron & Suzanne Paddock


Expanse of RBC display, 70 x 20 feet of space donated by Provincial Exhibition


4H & Swine news from Sixty & Forty years ago


Cricket the Welsh Section B Pony going for some R & R as Daisy the Swedish Gotland Pony arrives through the Heavy Horse Barn




NWMP Demo at The Learning Stage


Daisy the Swedish Gotland mare welcomes the Fair visitors.


Daisy the Swedish Gotland.


Sheep Shearing Demo at The Learning Stage


Richard Heath giving the Berkshires some recreational therapy


Left-Side of Mural, painted by team effort, Martin Penfold, Mary Lowe and Pam Heath


Right-Side of Mural, same team-job


This group is of the 'Highlight'...11 Six-Horse Hitches in the Arena, sponsored by Dejardins Investment....all gleaming & spotless.


Poster-RMWF Keystone Centre, Brandon, Manitoba


A little girl feeding Cooper the Clydesdale who will be with us again this Monday and Tuesday, March 31 and April1.


Equine Mural beside RBC Display


Cooper with Chris Black in 1812 uniform.Chris and the NWMP have invited RBC to join them at the Red-River Ex.,Winnipeg in June


Darryl, Melissa & Braden in NWMP uniform. They, and their partners in the NWMP head up the Opening Ceremonies each night.


Darryl & Melissa Ewasiuk bringing in their Berkshires


Nate, the youngest Ewasiuk, helping feed the pigs


Working end of Dairy display. Bob has milking Demo's staggered


Silver Dorking hens


Pair of Dominique's and 2 Buff Orpingtons


Kids enjoying Grain Auger interactivity, using wheat & canola


Old Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Photo


Old Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Photo


Mammoth Jackstock Donkeys are a magnet at the Fair


Yoda under banner.


Yoda the Canadian Horse


Mammoth Jackstock donkey with feathered friend


Mammoth Jackstock plus visitor


'Getting to know you.'


Teegan's sister, Olianna, on the way to glory


'Twisted Sister', Hereford Heifer owned by Olianna, Teegan's sister


Braiding demo.... The Learning Stage is an Educational Learning location developed by Linda Hildebrand a few years ago, where demo's are scheduled from 10.30 to 4.30


Old RMWF Barn


1st Place winner


3 rd place winner


2014 RMWF publicity using 2013 photo of RBC's Chantecler


First Arrival. Shannon MacKenzie with Stormy the Shetland pony


Dylan and Trace Ewasiuk helping to prepare the pen ready for the Berkshire pigs


Dylan Ewasiuk lassoing one of his Dad's Berk's.


Adelaide MacKenzie keeping the RBC Display clean


Ukrainian visitor showing us how it should be done...Spinning with a Drop Spindle


Gerry Oliver & Cotswold & Romney rams-wearing a jacket bought at 2009 RBC AGM, donated by John Hofer at Total Farm Supply.


Horseshoe collection.....very interesting


Fitting-Clipping Demo for showing Beef cattle


Stormy taking a quiet break in between crowds


Dairy Cow demo in 'Thru the Farm Gate'; Jersey, Brown Swiss and Holsteins, expertly run by Bob Crowe of Gilbert Plains, MB,


Cooper-centre of attention


Teegan discussing the finer points of pig farming with another farm girl from Russell, MB


Flat Stanley(Josh actually)from Ohio visits the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair


Fibre section of RBC Display at RMWF


Oluwaseun shows her great face painting to the Berkshires


Jordan and Chuck on their daily 'walk about' past the RBC display


Yoda the Canadian gelding attracted lots of attention, especially on 'New Canadian's Day' when multi-culturism was celebrated.


Jackie Dixon & Randy Moore of Rivers, MB. proudly introduce Yoda, their 3 year old Canadian gelding to his first excursion off the farm.  


Young visitor getting to know the Berkshire gilt


Teegan and Gerry Oliver's Cotswold Ram over at the Learning Stage after our presentation to full bleachers.


Teegan helping RBC by leading the Cotswold Ram over to the Learning Stage




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