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Heritage Livestock Canada 2021.AGM.Friday June 11.7pm.edt




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Poultry Census/Survey




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Chairs Report - HLC AGM -

June 11th 2021

Despite the difficulties of the covid pandemic, HLC has continued to function and move forward over the past year.

Neogen Canada Account -

At the board level we approved the formation of an account with Neogen, Canada (Edmonton). This account will allow HLC members to DNA test for parentage across almost all our species (not inclusive of poultry). As well as testing for components in our dairy and goat breeds and for specific traits in beef cattle. We have also made the addition of freemartin testing. Parentage testing is $19 (hair sample) and milk testing $26-27 (hair sample). Hair cards also need to be purchased at a minimal fee - as each hair sample receives a barcode on the card for tracking purposes. Order forms will be available through HLC/Neogen and all payments are made directly to Neogen.


- In terms of fundraising, there have been two fundraisers within the last year. The first being the inaugural virtual show. Intended as a place for breeders to showcase their heritage breed - gaining promotion, whilst receiving the opinion of a judge in terms of conformation. The show was on the whole a success. With entry fees ranging from $3-8, the fundraiser raised $1900. We also attracted international participants, from as far away as New Zealand and Denmark. The virtual show was a good example of HLC volunteers working together to achieve a goal. Thank you to Christa McKee, Leah Haney, Karin Flynn, Rob McCulloch and Tara Wilson.

We followed up the show with the HLC Virtual Fun Photo show. This could also become a fundraiser in the future.

Secondly, we launched the postponed online auction - using 32auctions.com. We have been appreciative of items donated by members. The ultimate total fundraised will be known by the AGM on June 11th.

Social Media

- Social media has continued to garner interest, the platforms have been especially useful in the pandemic year. In particular, the month of May was successful in terms of reach on Facebook - the entire month’s postings were based upon educating about HLC from the start and our mission.

Our Twitter account is still active.

We have briefly explored the idea of using Instagram as another avenue on social media.

The board also approved a new YouTube Channel, based upon the idea of Zahra Yagoub (HLC's Junior contributing editor). Zahra's videos are full of fun facts about heritage breeds. Thank you, Zahra. Especially for your youthful enthusiasm!

HLC Website - Thanks to Ruth Freeman for her continued work on the HLC website.

Semen Storage

- To reduce the cost of the storage of HLC's cattle semen inventory and maintain the tanks in an independent location, we have formed a new partnership with Bow Valley Genetics, AB. The semen tanks will be held at Bow Valley's new location in Regina.


- HLC launched a new logo recently. The logo is intended to be representative of Canadian heritage breeds of note. We have also been holding discussions in terms of a patron for the charity.

Canadian Red Poll Association

- One of our pilot projects in 2021 has been assisting with the reformation of the Canadian Red Poll Association board. HLC and a group of interested Red Poll breeders have formed a working group to set goals in order for a CRPA AGM to be called. HLC can specifically initially help the association with a presence on our website and also a column in Genesis. We are also keeping current communications on behalf of the breeders - with David Trus, as regards the Animal Pedigree Act.

Partnership with the Canadian Goat Society

- In partnership with the Canadian Goat Society we plan to assess the genetic diversity within the caprine breeds on HLC's Conservation List. As a result of partnership, breeds outside our remit can be included through the participation of CGS. This also continues our constant partnership with the Animal Genetics Resource Centre in Saskatoon. We plan to divide the labour among each breed. Each breed will have a coordinator who collects the hair samples and then enters relevant data into a spreadsheet. Once approximately 50 samples have been collated, the hair samples/spreadsheet will be forwarded to AnGRC. CGS has two board members who have volunteered to help collate samples for specific breeds. HLC ideally will also have volunteers to assist, to equal the workload.


Bylaws -

A decision was made to update the HLC bylaws. Essentially to simplify and incorporate sections for the greater understanding of members. The bylaws are essential to the smooth running of the corporation.

In closing, I would like to thank the board for their work over the past year. In particular to Debbie Hutchings and Ruth Freeman for their respective contributions over the years. We look forward to continuing to engage with members over the next 12 months.


Rebecca Lange HLC Chair





Production of Genesis Spring/Summer 2021 issue is underway and should hopefully be in mailboxes early summer. We always welcome material from members.

Hopefully everyone received and enjoyed the last Genesis, Fall/Winter 2020. Membership was brisk after the last Genesis was received; it has slowed down a little now but maintaining well thankfully.

We are currently updating all the Breeder Directory listings which is quite a task. Please check and let us know if any information has changed.

The Classified page is constantly being updated; we appreciate hearing if and when something sells, to keep the site fresh and current.

Thank you for your continued support of HLC & our heritage livestock.

Pam Heath.

HLC Office.



Co-Chairs: Adam Arenburg & Elwood Quinn


Semen collection planning-stages.
HLC offer of help with Swine registrations for Tamworth & Hampshire.

Lincoln Red Cattle herd dispersal, John Ashby, Prescott.ON.

White Park cattle 2021 calves. UK registry.

Canadienne increased-activity in the West(SK), thanks mostly to Tara Wilson(article in last Genesis)

Please refer to Rebecca’s Chairs Report: 'Partnership with the Canadian Goat Society'

Simon Atkinson(Coordinator)will comment.


Karin Flynn(Coordinator)will comment.
Suffolk Punch. Christa McKee updated the 2020 registration #'s so far, with 10 still pending:

32 Stallions

39 Mares

Canadian. HLC received a generous donation of ‘Wal Ken Wonka Nimrod’ semen, an important stallion, from HLC members Dean & Sharon Davidson, Owen Sound.ON. Available to HLC members.

CHHAPS Challenge. Yvonne Hillsden submitted a virtual ‘challenge’ to HLC members; details will be posted on HLC’s website shortly. The Challenge will include Canadian horses and other endangered breeds.

Rob McCulloch will update on the Poultry Census/Survey.
Turkeys & all Poultry: new relationship with TLTP (Turtle Lodge Trading Post) nr.Ottawa is a win-win. See article & ad in the last Genesis. TLTP purchase feathers in good, clean, dry condition.

AnGRC Team from the U of SK.will say a few words.