Pig Breeds

Recently, chefs have discovered the rich and complex flavour of heritage pork and the older breeds are making an amazing comeback. First to be adopted by fine restaurants was the Berkshire, and more recently the Tamworth and Large Blacks. These breeds do not meet the commercial criteria for quick growth under intensive management; however, their slow growth and adaptability to pasture management make them easy keepers that produce a lean and luscious product.

Butchers and consumers that insist on humanely raised animals choose heritage breeds. They are hardy and can thrive without confinement or intervention. This reduces stress on both animals and the farmer and allows the livestock to lead a more normal life.

Nowhere has the success of “eat them to keep them” been more apparent. The Berkshire population is thriving, the Large Black is increasing in popularity and the Tamworth is poised for a population explosion. Good news for Canadian heritage swine.
Heritage Livestock Play an Important Role in the Growing Market for Humanely Raised Products (Genesis reprint pdf)

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