Lansdowne Fair

Lansdowne Fair


Massey and Fergie, Milking Shorthorn Oxen, 3 years old.

Dorset Horn ewe lamb Welsummer's Silver Phoenix Old English Game Silver Duck Wing with 5 day old chicks …


  Ancaster Fair

Animals generously provided by RBC Director Andy Sproston.

Romney lambs, Hampshire/Large Black piglets, Royal Palm Turkey's and Chantecler Rooster & Hen.


  MB Ag.Museum literature

Milling with Suffolk Punch Horses at Orchard Hill Farm


Loading the horse power for the treadmill.

Published on Mar 12, 2014 Over the winter  Ken Laing, Rare Breeds Canada member modified a sea container by adding a power shaft that can be run by an…


Raising Heritage Sheep to Meet Niche Markets Review


 Laurie Maus, Mentor for our Chapter, presented an interesting and educational presentation on raising Heritage sheep for niche markets, based on her extensive experience as a breeder.