Harding Fair

Harding Fair.... the biggest-little one day fair in the province of Manitoba. 
The village is less than 10 homes, no post office and one day a year they host 3 rings, each with upto 3 classes being judged at the


We have updated our Devonside Farm website with some new photos of our cows and the farm  www.devonside.ca 
 Thought you might enjoy seeing some of these! Warmly, John Drummond and Jacinta Willems

Springfield Fair in Dugald, Eastern Manitoba, Saturday July 16.

Springfield Fair in Dugald, Eastern Manitoba, Saturday July 16.


Thanks to RBC Members Lisa Clouston & Greg Wood who loaned their lovely young animals, Pam joined new member Angela Temple with her Bashkir Curly Horse & Ojibway Pony

Along for

July 10, 2016 Lifestock Food & Farm Festival

 Photos taken by Karen Plunkett from last weekend's 'Lifestock' at Montana's, close to 700 in attendance.... not bad.

Karen supplied a Lynch Lineback heifer & two Large Black piglets for the RBC display
Joel Salatin and Michael Schmidt were Key

Draft Horses at Work

Clayton Klunzman & Lindsay Hamill, Wawanesa, MB.with the bale 'un-roller' Clayton built for when there isn't snow for the sleigh. Lindsay & Nicole run 500 ewe's.

Kassidy Hamill raking hay with Ben and Bud, Belgium team 

Seeding &

The 'Genesis' Factory

Thanks very much to Doris Heath who stuffed all the membership-inserts into Genesis and helped with the mailing too. Thanks also to Richard Heath for carrying all the totes.... they sure are heavy.