The Livestock Conservancy Conference

RBC's 'Kerry' friend Jody Jess from Westminster, Massachusetts took this photo yesterday during the 'Import/Export' presentation at The Livestock Conservancy Conference, (TLC) held at Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass. Despite the absence of an audience in this photo, the presentation was

Havelock Fair

These are the photographs from Havelock Fair. Hope all is well. Keith McAdam


Two years ago Jim Saville of SW SK.bought Brian & Katie Payne's herd of Kerry's that were featured in the Summer 2014 Genesis....thank you Jim for taking that major step to save these valuable genetics....and thank you Brian & Katie

LES TWISTÉES - 5th anniversary

Saint-André-Avellin, le 15 août 2016 

On est tellement fébriles! On fête nos 5 ans, ce n'est peut-être pas beaucoup, mais pour nous, c'est énorme, et une raison de célébrer encore plus l'art du fil! Le festival commence dans quelques

Big Ears Donkey Ranch

Big Ears Donkey Ranch - Ron and Suzanne Paddock

OK so this is kinda cute! Our big 15.2 HH mammoth donkey, "Rusty" meets our neighbors 2-day old mini mule, "Quincy" . What great neighbors we have with their mini ponies,